band- (*gʷheid-)

    band- (*gʷheid-)
    English meaning: drop
    Note: Considering Phryg. βεδυ “water” : nasalized Illyr. Bindus “water god”, Root band- (*gʷheid-): “drop” : Root oid- (*gʷheid-): “to swell; strong, *fast, swelling, lump, water” derived from a zero grade of Root au(̯ e)-9, aue̯ d-, aue̯ r- (*akue̯ nt-): “to flow, to wet; water, etc.”
    Deutsche Übersetzung: “Tropfen”?
    Material: O.Ind. bindú-ḥ “drop” (probably for *bandú-ḥ under influence of índu-ḥ “drop”), related to Corn. banne, banna, Bret. banne “drop” (from which is borrowed M.Ir. banna, bainne “ drop, milk “), really Irish buinne “ to gush forth, spring up, flood “; Illyr. FIG Bindus (*Bendus), Apul. fons Bandusiae?
    Note: O.Ind. bindú-ḥ “drop” : Illyr. FIG Bindus prove that Illyr.- Phryg. were the intermediaries of satem and centum languages.
    References: WP. II 110, Petersson Heterokl. 204 f., А. Мауеr Gl. 29, 69 ff.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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